Make & Send More Cards

Using the Supplies You Already Have!

STOP LOOKING for ideas and START USING your craft supplies to make more cards!

Let’s face it – there are a lot of ideas online today to inspire you in your card making. It can be easy to get sucked into looking for ideas and then BAM you're out of crafting time and you haven't made a single thing.

You want to make and send more cards but you’re never sure where to start, what techniques to use or how to get more cards made in the little amount of time you have.

During my 25+ years of paper crafting, I’ve made a lot of cards. I mean, a lot. My favorite technique to use is called the One Sheet Wonder and I have used it to make HUNDREDS of cards in very little time.

What is a One Sheet Wonder? It's where you take ONE sheet of paper and turn it into a bunch of cards. You can start with a pre-printed piece of patterned paper or you can stamp your own background on card stock.

Learn how to make a STACK of cards quickly from just ONE sheet of patterned paper!

You’ll get more done and have more cards on hand ready to send when you need one.

The One Sheet Wonder Card Club Includes:

  • A NEW One Sheet Wonder Template each month to make it fun and easy to use all those pretty papers you've been hoarding.
  • Monthly video training from Jessica Taylor. I’ll show you exactly how to use the monthly template to cut up your paper and how each piece can be used to make a card, along with other card making tips and tricks.
  • Downloadable files with up-close card photos and paper cutting measurements for people who love all the details. All paper measurements are included so that you know exactly what size to cut ALL of the pieces for your cards.
  • Live interaction with Jessica & other card makers in a Private Facebook group. With over 500 club members in the Club Facebook group, you’ll be amazed by the variety of cards made each month starting with the SAME template! You’re sure to be inspired.
  • Happy Mail! You'll have the opportunity to exchange handmade cards with other club members for birthdays, holidays, and random thinking of yous, if you'd like to.
  • BONUS template converters to help you easily use 8-1/2″ x 11″ templates with your 12″ x 12″ papers
  • Access to the ULTIMATE One Sheet Wonder Template Library with over 8 years of club videos, templates, and card ideas!

Use the Supplies You Already Have!

BOTH of the sets of cards above were made using the SAME one sheet wonder template. It doesn't matter where your supplies came from or how many you have. If you have patterned papers, we'll help you use them. One sheet at a time.

Get started now!

What people are saying…

“This is proving to be the perfect way for me to actually make more cards. I cut my paper late at night, and make baggies with the bases, pieces and other items. I can put them together while waiting for kids, appointments, etc.” ~ April

“It is a good way to get started. I get overwhelmed with the paper and stamps. This way, I can just focus on one sheet of paper. And almost magically I have 6-7 cards.” ~ Mary Jean

“Have really liked this club this year. Best money I ever spent.” ~ Katheryn

“I am just amazed how many different templates/ideas Jessica has already come up with!!” ~ Cindy

“Love the ease and versatility of the one sheet wonder idea!” ~ Nanci

"I absolutely love being part of the OSW group. It's been the best decision I have made since learning to stamp. Thanks for letting me be a part of it." ~ Shannon

Are you ready to...

  • STOP hoarding your patterned papers
  • Not waste paper
  • Use the supplies you already have
  • Make more than one card at a time
  • Make Quick Cards that look like you spent hours on them!

Know where to start, use what you have, and get more done. It’s that easy. Let’s get started...

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor

I love the instant gratification and sense of accomplishment I get when creating a card. It’s also a great way to brighten someone else’s day. Who doesn’t love to find a handmade card in their mailbox?

For over 20 years I have been teaching women how to make their own greeting cards. I especially enjoy helping women who say “I could never do that, I’m not creative.” discover that they CAN make cards that look good. My “there are no mistakes in stamping” attitude allows for a fun environment for learning card making.